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Compare Lettering Styles


This is the most popular method of lettering memorials in the modern era. It is cost effective and has a consistent quality.


Once the wording has been agreed, we will print out the design on our specialist printer. This will be directly applied on your memorial ready for us to sandblast.

Machine Cut with Hand Cut Finish


This method combines the constant quality of a machine, whilst also giving your memorial a personalised hand carved finish.


This method takes us a little longer, as we need the time to carefully finish off your design by the beauty from our craftsman.

Premium Hand Cut

This is the ultimate hand crafted experience of a memorial. Our skilled craftsman will mark out manually where each letter should go, and using only a hammer and chisel, carve out a personalised design.


This method takes some serious care and attention, which is why therefore this method takes the longest amount of time. 


This is true craftsmanship of a stonemason.

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