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1. How long after the burial is the memorial or gravestone erected?
Church and cemeteries recommend to wait six months after a burial has taken place to allow the ground to settle. For a Cremation, memorials or vases can be placed onto a grave at any time.
2. Does the location of a memorial affect the choice of design?
Due to church and cemetery regulations, the design and the material of your memorial may be affected. 
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3. Who applies for permission to erect a memorial?
All memorial applications are applied by ourselves on your behalf.
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4. How is the wording for a memorial chosen?
The wording is a very personal touch and can be very difficult to find the correct wording. We will help you find suitable wording for your loved ones memorial as church and cemtery rules and regulations will also apply. Please see some examples of inscriptions and epitaphs on our website.
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5. Can a design or picture be engraved on a memorial?
Yes they can. We have some suggested ornamentations on our website, however we can specially design you an image or emblem of your choice to be placed on your memorial or we can use one of your own designs. Furthermore, church and cemtery regulations do apply to what designs can be placed on a memorial.
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6. Which lettering should be used on a memorial?
We offer three different types of lettering: sandblast, machine cut and hand lettering - please see our 'Lettering Styles' page for further details.
Letters can be painted in multiple colours of enamel, such as silver or black, or in gold using 23 1/2 carat Gold leaf.
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7. What types of stone are available?
We use many types of materials, such as granite, marble, crown stone, slate, portland and york.
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8. Which types of stone are easier to maintain?
Granite Memorials are easier to maintain; this can either be a polished or a fine rubbed finish as this is a non porous material.
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9. How is the memorial fixed?
All our memorials are fixed on a concrete foundation with two  stainless steel pins and a ground fixing tube. This is a health and safety fixing which is required by local authorities.
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10. Can I see a preview of the inscription before it is cut onto the stone?
Yes, we can send you a layout of the insciption via email or be shown in person.
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